street, flat & trial - february 2008

here, it’s our new vid:

Good watching!

wow that was awesome!
nice editing how old are you guys?

We are 16.

That was amazing guys. Awesome roll hops and street maneuvers.

Very entertaining due to the great skills and good editing.

Great vid you guys :smiley: The big rolling hops really impressed me :smiley:

Wow, a lot of movies over 5 or 6 minutes just get too repetitive or boring, but this was really good. Huge rolling hops, the one up to that rail was so gutsy.


Good stuff. Nice job with making an entertaining video. You kids got UPs. :astonished:

I think somebody needs a new crankset . :roll_eyes:

Picture 28.png

awesome! 3:50 was amazing

you guys have inspired me to improve my rolling hops

They inspired me to get off my ass and go ride for a little bit.

I was impressed by the (blind?) varial to the 540 unispin. They were both outstandinlgy clean.

Nice ups, and awesome video.

I didn’t really favor the music, but the editing went perfectly with it, so that overall made up for it.

Very nice guys. good rolling hops and such. the music was pretty cool too… haha.

wow :astonished: that was really nice !!!:slight_smile:
how high kan you jump??? :thinking:

Amazing. That roll hop to poll and over that freaking net was ridiculous. How long have you been riding? Wow, you have some intense skillz.

awesome editing!
good job all around


i think this is my new favorite vid!

that was awesome, some HUGE ups and gaps. i loved the mixed styles vid, like trials with street/ flat thrown in. All one style riding is hard to watch for too long. Very nicely done.

amazing! i really got to practise my rolling hops now. Nice video keep it up.

great video ! We its also online at utv now in high Quality. Download it here or watch it here

very entertaining. it has been a while since i have watched the entire almost seven minutes of a video. The spins off the drops and the major vertical were rather impressive.

awesome vid. i loved the huge hops onto the rails.

Awesome seat in trials. Huge hops. Nice.

Absolut HAmmer Video

ich das live bei GMTW sehen… :astonished: