[street/flat/trial] 4 dadalles à DINAN

i’m proud to present our new vid
we had great fun in making and filming it
enjoy the ride!!!

– bobousse, aji, stereim, stoine

Very nice. good music too.

540 SideSpin was Sick!

2:00 :thinking: … I will try that :smiley:

I have the same problem with cranks hurting my ankles… I will use a ankle protector i think…

Cool video… :smiley: I liked it!

amazing riding!!
i loved that song even though i have no idea wat it was saying

How many 720s were in there? I loved that weird hopping on wheel thing, that looked awesome lol, I’ll totally give that a go when I can. What was the trick at the end? Just looked like a trey to me. Camera quality wasn’t great, couldnt see spins or flips very well.

It was a tre double I think. And all those 720s were to seat in, right?

Good riding, I liked all the sidespins. Why does no-one else do 180 sidespins? IS it because you easily have time to do a 360 if you can manage to get your leg around the seat?

Lol, were you guys aiming to do them seat in, or is that just more comfortable for you?

awesome video. i loved it. i think the trick at the end was a trey. correct?

Yeah just looked like a trey didn’t it? Might have been a double… Can’t tell. But then again I’ve never seen bob do a trey. But if you can 720 you should be able to fifth :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Oh ok. Does bobousse have a freestyle background?

i rode trials street trials and a lil bit of freestyle before riding flatland

thanks for all your comments

the tricks at the end is a treyflip, we put it at the end of the vid cause i’m really bad for flip tricks so i’m happy to finally landed it haha

– bobousse

Cool video and song. It seemed to be a song about breakfast cereal? :slight_smile:

haha nice.

vous êtes méchant :frowning: nah serieux vraiment bon le vid :sunglasses:

Your double flip is very nice, and we had good joke with them thank you!!!

Sorry for my english (I’m Stereim)!!

Eh ouais je sais, mais c’est parce que avant j’étais sur le forum avec stereim comme pseudo, mais je n’y allais pas trop souvent et quand j’ai voulu me connecter, ça ne marchais pas alors je me suis réinscrit sous mon vrai prénom!!:wink: