[Street & Flat] This Is Austria

Hey guys

here is the new video of the unicyler of Austria

Url: http://www.unicycle.tv/video/742-thisisaustria

Video: http://videos.unicycle.tv/742.thisisaustria.wmv


please comment


great riding, and sexy unis :slight_smile: austria sure does look cool
Edit: bad looking fall too :o

Really tight vid.

I can’t explain my favorite part. There were so many.


3:12 was an amaizing combo.

Elias and Raph, you guys are getting amazing!

Nice vid! I didn’t know there was a third poeham brother

raph ich liebe du :wink: haha i have no idea if i said that right cause my german sucks…buuuuuut

sick vid! really loved it. the combo at 3:12 was amazing and so was the one that u fell over the fence haha. your trey sideflips look so hawt

Wow awesome video! Sweet riding & editing. There were some nasty bails in it lol :sunglasses: .

You guys look so young and you’re all really good riders. There were some really awesome tricks in there! Wow.

so awesome. loved every bit.

Awesome. Awesome enough for me to actually download the video and watch it in WMV form (flv on UTV is a bit screwy for me, you can’t skip back or anything), which has gotten rarer and rarer. So you guys should be proud :wink:

Many good parts. The two stair sess was pretty cool. My download just finished so i’ll watch again and tell more parts that I thought were cool.

Edit: 360 lateflip, 1:46 combo/line, 2:22, 180 out of grind, 3:15 combo, 4:20 combo (even though u didn’t land it), 4:55 was cool looking.

is a crazy combo. :slight_smile:

Amazing flat combos. But (to me) your street looks really sketchy.

Awesome vid.

Really cool video guys ! Music was blah though…

I’m shocked on how many unicycles you have. I really like Elias’ uni ! The orange and white is awesome :slight_smile: Don’t get too into flat though Elias :wink:

Also, really good editing Raphael, like really good.

Keep it up !!


Elias is 14, probably 15 soon, I’m pretty sure Raphael is 13 now, and Lorenz and Lukas i’m not sure.

Lorenz is 11 and lukas is 12 years old;)


Wow. Lorenz is only 11 and like, better than me. you guys are all awesome.

Awesome vid.

Did anyone else notice the editing at 1:31?

hahaha yeah

such a good video, i downloaded and watched probably 10 times. combo at 3:13 is nuts as so smooth and awesome.

Lorenz owns by the way. He always takes some really hard falls :stuck_out_tongue:

Its kinda like Lorenz is 11, Lukas is 12, Raphael is 13 and elias is 14 :stuck_out_tongue: