Street/Flat - The Tribute

Before you think, no this is not “Street Styles” This is just a little video I made to get people excited about the upcoming national championships in NZ we like to call… “UniWeekend” :smiley:

The move at 1:57 was soooo cool looking. Seems kinda scary if you missed
Really cool video
I liked the music a lot. I’ve never heard it before

Awesome, first person to post liked the music :smiley:
If you don’t like the song, I don’t really care. It does take a bit of getting used to.

And I’d suggest watching this video again once the HQ option is available on youtube.

Music was cool, editing was good, filming was good, and the riding was awesome! Static combos were cool.

Amazing, after I see your consistancy I will proclaim you the best rider. And in less than a year and a half you will be officially.

Grinding has now become part of flat :stuck_out_tongue: I still remember when you, spencer, and others were talking about that.
The wall was sweet too.

BTW i liked the misic too.

:astonished: I love you Chris.Music was awesome and loved the late 180 over the wall :p.In a years time at unicon you will be soooooo good.Any Terrain chris’s consistancy is nuts just wait for his 100 tricks in his comp

I loved the inward huge spin and the one footed 5spin.

So many awesome parts, those are really the only two I can remember. I’m blown away. Haha you are amazing.

EDIT: Ladies and gentlemen, the next shaun johanneson!

This is beast. The footplant thing off the skinny post was pretty creative and everything was clean and awesome.

Some of the best riding I’ve ever seen! Great.

wow :astonished:

Can’t stop watching, this is awesome!

Pretty sweet.

Was that a fifthbackflip? I thought I saw something that looked along the lines of a 5spin and you kinda kicked back with your back foot it seemed. Correct me if I’m wrong. If so, then props.

That spin combo (the one where you go to the tire and spin a bunch) was quite incredible. I suck at those :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be honest Chris, that hugeflip was terrible :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose it may beat Thibault’s hugevarial, but that’s not saying much.

Otherwise pretty nice as a whole.

Haha, that was supposed to be a hugeflip? Looked like a fifthflip that he kinda rode backwards out of.

Awesome anyway.

I assume so. He mentioned it in “Today I” once…

Yes… not the best hugeflip I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

And no not a fifthback, was a one footed 540.

Ah ok, I was hella confused, cause I thought u would show it in slow mo if it was a fifthback :p.

But I guess you hopped into it too…

lol Thibault’s huge varial flip, how could you even think of calling that a huge varial flip? He turns less than 45 degrees. Yeah, Chris, you only turned a bit more than 45 degrees :P. I think your body should turn atleast 135 degrees for it to count but obviously 180 is better.

But yeah, awesome vid. Everything in it was awesome so I won’t go through and compliment each clip individually :P. I liked the music too.

EDIT: Did you measure that ledge you jumped onto? Must’ve been about 110? And were you limping after the drop attempt? :stuck_out_tongue:

He called it that…

Well, he said varial fifthflip, which is even more incorrect :roll_eyes:

The FIRST Christian Huriwhai* :smiley:

Really nice, but you already know that. How about hitting a round handrail in your next vid?