[street/flat] team krisis

I’m sorry if anyone of the team wanted to put it here, but this definatly desearves a thread, right now !

Very nice. That outfifth down the 5 set was sick. I was totally planning to put that in my next vid! (not that I have landed it, or tried it lol)

SOB Thibault beats me to everything… lol.

Outfifth down the 5 was intense.
cool video.

The Flat was sick!!! loved the video, favorited


Not only was the out 5th down the 5 impressive, but my favorite was the jump over the ledge then down the 5-6 foot drop.

Looking forward to the next vid they come out with for sure.

i didnt catch the outfifthflip. wheres it at?


Did he actually land the outfifth? The roll out was pretty sketchy.

Loved the big street. Flip up the BIG 4 stair was awesome.

I’m rethinking a lot of the footage in my vid now…

Awesome riding! I’m not much of a flat/ tech street rider, I like big street! The gaps over the rails were my favs. So fun to watch that stuff. Nicely done once again!

friggn sweet

Ah yes! Good eye! I win!:stuck_out_tongue:

Insane! Maybe the best riding of any vid. Didn’t like the music though, lol.

You’re right, he could of easily fallen after riding half a rev, why did they cut the clip so short? But then again he probably would of got it again if he was so close that time.

awesome video! really loved it, why are all the french so damn good?

they cut all the clips really short if you pay attention, he couldve easily landed the trick… they stuck a lot of footage in a 5 min vid, making every clip end properly wouldve probably made a 10 min video at least

Yeah but the ride out is very very sketchy and it looks like hes about to fall off.

But yeah anyway, in a matter of time/attempts he would have landed it.

awesome, I want to learn some of that stuff now! But it goes so fast you don’t see how they do it.

I wanted to post the vid today, but it’s too late.
Thibault landed the fifthflip down the 5 stairs, but he didn’t succeed to film it, so we took the clips which was the best try.

I knew it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Still awesome though.

aargh! i still think he couldve landed it (on the clip) though haha i’ve seen sketchier landings but youre right :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome :astonished:

no clue, I think vimeo is screwed up, another new vid has the same problem: http://www.vimeo.com/1374639 .