Street/Flat Saddles, K1, KH, Impact?

This isn’t a thread for a debate on which is better, I am just curious what people prefer, and the reasons for their choice. I have 2 K1 seats (came with uni’s) and I think the padding and such is fine, but they are a little more curved than I like, and I am not able to adjust it so that the back is closer to flat. (an adjustable post may fix that, I am not sure) Also the fact that the cover is stapled to the base is a little bit lame, anyone found a way to make it removable?

That is all.

Have a good one,

I have a friend that’s made a K1 CF base just by taking the staples out and gluing it to his CF. I’m gonna copy him :slight_smile: Or maybe I’ll attach eyelets for laces… depends how lazy I am, will see when my current CF breaks.

I have no use for a CF base as of yet (nor the extra $) but I assume eyelets would require an “eyelet tool” to install?

No they don’t. When I pulled my cover off my k1 saddle I used hiking boot ones.

I was able to change the seat angle a little bit by flipping it the other direction on the seat post, but it makes it difficult to ride with the seat backwards now. The KH is not quite as curved is it?

Ha. Just work around it :slight_smile: I personly like the k1 seats for trials

I’m pretty sure they’re exactly the same as far as angles go? Impact maybe slightly more curved? I had an impact seat but never rode it so I’m not sure how they handle but I’ll test one out at the next club ride this Thursday for you ;).

i have a nimbus gel saddle (but i cut off a ton of foam, so its way thinner) and when i was gonna cut the foam off, i needed to take the cover off, so i had to pry off all the staples with a screwdriver, then i punched holes in the seat cover with a nail for laces. It worked really well, or you can just buy a new seat cover.

KH freeride foam cut up so its thinner and flatter is the way i like to roll :sunglasses:

I used to have a K1 Luxury seat and I thought it was perfect, but then I got an Impact <3

do you like the impact more?

Blatantly, hence the <3

impact: sweet foam for spins and sif hops… brakes really fast (for me)
Koxx: best foam, nice colours, good for spins, hobs,… brakes also realative fast (for me)
KH: awesome base, new foam looks quite good(old was was to large for me…) doesn’t brake that fast…

I think I should also buy a cf base… because I brake a seat every 1-2weeks xD but it is more expensive + hard to land/fail on :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with you on this. i break the impact foam a lot but i think it’s no problem if its kept tight under the cover cause you really dont feel it. I like k1 foam a lot as well and the covers look sick but the only problem for me with them is that they have a rough edge where the stitching is on the side of the seat. other than that they’re nice. atm i ride a impact saddle with a velo plastic base and no metal. im pretty light and i only ride trials so that works for me but i suggest for a cheap saddle that will last a kh.