Street/Flat [Remmus]

Me (Kevin Smordal) and Aleksander Jensen made a movie in summer called remmus so, its old but i just wanted to post it.

Enjoy! :wink:

please comment


So cool!!
Your level is so good for your ages, i liked!!!

good style and tricks :roll_eyes:

Nice! Awesome flat skills especially.

That was pretty unlucky when the seat got you in the face on the 540 attempt. Did it give you a bleeding nose or something?

Sadly yes :frowning:

I just watched that outlflip and noticed that it is extremely close to being a varial flip. Have you ever tried one???

Yes i do varialflip to, but i was not wearing skinners on my legs so i did not dare doing a varial flip for the video :frowning: And thanks for all the comment guys! :slight_smile:

^ lol i know what you mean.

At 2:24 the drop to your knees on the wheel and back was interesting.
At 4:31 the unispin to one foot was great!
Nice scenery in the background.