[Street/Flat] Pöham in Dörnbach

A few weeks ago the Pöham brothers came to Dörnbach
We had a lot of fun
Hope you enjoy


That was so good.

I loved the treflip over the 5(?) set.

You guys all have cool looking unis.


Awesome. You have so many people to ride with.

I’m moving to Austria :roll_eyes:

Nicely done! i been waiting for this vid since Raphael told me about it :smiley: I loved the 720 unispin to backroll, wrap-walk to backroll :smiley:

i love this clip too
felix’s treys have such a cool style

do that :wink:

he wanted to try 720 to backroll to wrap walk to 540

haha very nice video:)

thank you very much for editing the video^^;)
[SIZE=“2”]very good editing in my opinion[/SIZE]

next time you come again to us…hoho only 1 day left :stuck_out_tongue:


then you’ll edit the vid :stuck_out_tongue:

yes if we get enough clips^^

wow SHWEET!!the grind thingy where he fell off and went into the post thing looked like it must have hurt:p And when im supposing the guy was trying to ride or grind down the rail and he fell, ending up sliding on his ass :smiley:

felix did his first rail the day before the 13set;)
he comitted it on the first try

amzing… pöham with crankbreakers o.O perfect fusion xDD

i like the grinds !!!

awesome ! some sick handrails!! :astonished:

Wow! very nice video

at 1:29 it look like hes floating!
i love the handrails too!
great vid guys!!!

i will land it next week;):smiley:

really cool editing ludwig:p

just watched this again… really amazing!

im annoyed your the same age as me but soooo soooo much better! it makes me wannna go and practise though!

do it :wink:

half a year ago crankflip and wrap walk to backroll were my best tricks :roll_eyes:

when you landed your fist crankflip(second time, you know what i mean :roll_eyes: ) i was really depressed :smiley:

I liked the long handrail attempts. Cool flip line by Raph. Aaaaaaaaaaand??? Love Ludwigs style.

yep, i’m moving to austria too i want to ride street with another unicyclist soooooo bad.