[street, flat] Nimporte'nawak

A funny vid with street and flat!


“Sorry, you do not have permission to watch this private video.”


that funny guy is funny :smiley:

Can I borrow him for my next vid?

very nice vid :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

that was pretty hilarious, nice rolling hops too and flat and grinds. :slight_smile: nice vid

I like the man who is always laughing:D

nice vid

Amazing rolling hops! and that laughing guy was fun, he looked crazy with that hair…

man those rolling hops are so high!!! and to thin rails too! then one where you jumped across the skinnies while talking on the phone was cool. Was it real or were you just holding it there?

I’m still in shock at the precision and height of your rolling hops. Not only can you hop insanely high, you can do it on a surface that is no wider than a skateboard! even less wide than that in some cases!

Stunning man.

cool vid

The guy with the yellow rim is so awesome. Those rolling hops were crazy. Especially when you rolling hopped onto that rail then dropped like 2m.

Lol I like the music and the line that was started on a uni and continued off.

Great vid! Humour and rolling hops were outstanding! Something for me to aim at!
Keep on doing it.

Pyairot, you are just incredible!! I’m sittin in the library and had too laugh so hard several times people started looking at me…:o

funny and good vid!!! :slight_smile:

nice, that video was sweet!