[Street/Flat] Lime Green Hats

A video of my friend and I riding flat and street with our lime green hats on. The kid at the very end has had his unicycle for about 3 hours at that time.:stuck_out_tongue:

Please comment.

not available?

sorry, not finished processing yet. I don’t know if I spelled that right.

looks nice. did you measure the lenght of your crankflip in the begining? Do you know how long you can flip?

I have no clue. All I know is that I can go farther than that. I can clear that whole space and then some. thanks for the comment.

Cool vid. I dont think it would take long to hop, haha. Can he ride? If so, then that’s amazing. Nice job with that long crankflip. Looked nice.

I think he rode 6 revs once. lol, so it’s a no. thanks for the comment:)

Sweet vid, again, your supermans are really good looking.

I know some people can hop but not ride, there was this kid in my gym class (our gym has 2 really crappy torker cx’s, different lengh cranks, seat clamp doesn’t work, total crap:o) and I was riding and he wanted to try and he did a jump mount to sif, hopped 10 times, and got 1 foot back on a unispin. It was his first time with a unicycle and he couldn’t ride a rev. :astonished:

thanks. They’re my favorite trick.

great flips


Cool! I enjoyed it a lot!
That’s a long length to flip…Now go take it down some sets!
You should try to roll out of your rolls too. It looks a lot nicer

lol we couldn’t get sponsored by a real company, so we made our own;)

thanks i’ll work on both:D

Except that your compangy isn’t a compagny and it doesn’t exist.


it is a team, i suppose.

cool vid:D

your flips look really nice

thank you, I put a lot of practice into them:)

it would look way better if you kick your legs straight on a superman rather than having them bent

yes sir. yes it would.