street flat keukly with loic baud , enzo , mathieu...


adrien delecroix , loic baud , enzo ventura , mathieu belot , robin casti , mirethu picot, samuel buliard.


Wow :astonished: You french guys are crazy! Awesome vid with some intense combos and good veriety of tricks. Sweet! I loved the double treyflip!

was the gap at about 1:06 landed, cause it looked REAL sketchy. Also amazing vid, i love how often you guys put out good vids.

Sweet stuff. Nice fifthflip and trey doubleflip.

holy crap!

i <3 french flatlanders!!
just a wee bit more trials and your vid would have perfect.


That was awesome.

And here I was thinking there was only 1 trey double flipper

Best vid from you! :wink:

great stuff !! Should be on utv also I think.
By the way, we are still missing the some of you on the participants list for Wunschkonzert 2008. There are still some of the top street riders from Austria, germany, denmark and the USA signed in.
Sorry for not having the page in french but feel free to contact me to add an translation.

awesome vid.

What? Why would flatlanders be doing trials?

Awesome video guys.

nice trey double flip

I’ve seen it 6 times now I think…
The one thing I don’t like is that fingertip!
Why are you using footage like that? :stuck_out_tongue:


At 1:25

what do you mean, fredrik? fingertip?

Fredrik says we can see a finger on the right at 1:25

All i can say is TOTAL MAD SKILLS!