Street/Flat/Freestyle video

I decided to put together a video today and this is what resulted. All of the clips are from last summer with the exception of the last three which I filmed yesterday.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Wow, brilliant control… inspiring. How’d you do that?


It’s great to see a video from you again! That was really nice, it’s cool to see freestyle and street mixed into one video, and you’re really good at both. I like the song too.

wooooow that glide round the corner was very impressive. been trying to learn to glide for ages. any suggestions?

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

About learning to glide, I think my ability in one foot wheel walk had a huge roll in me being able to learn how to glide. Really gliding is just the natural extension of one-foot wheel walk, because as you progress in one foot wheel walk, you get longer and longer ‘mini-glides’ in between each push. So I would say focus on foot wheel walk until you have pretty good control doing that, and then go find a steep hill to glide on. Since I had one-foot wheel walk pretty much nailed down before I tried gliding, I pretty much just found a hill and learned to glide in a couple hours.

right ok I can 1ft for a couple of pushes, but it´s still far from consistent so that´s sth. to work on. how steep is “steep”?

and not to take attention of your vid: do you find it hard to equal your street and freestyle skills or would you say one discipline profits from the other?

The steepness of the hill isn’t hugely important. You want to have enough of a grade to keep some momentum while dragging your foot on the tire, but not so much of a grade that you have drag really hard on the tire just to stay in a controlled speed.

I have had no real intention of trying to keep my street and flat/freestyle in balance. The balance that I have between the styles is mainly just because I love to ride street about as much as I love to ride flat/freestyle, so I spend a similar amount time doing each.

I think the benefit that carries over between freestyle and street doesn’t extend far beyond just getting better agility and control on a unicycle in general. For instance, learning to wheel walk may give you more agility and control on a unicycle, thus making some street skills slighter easier to pick up, but on the other hand, the amount of hours needed to learn a crankflip probly won’t change much if you can wheel walk or not. If that makes sense. I guess it’s hard to clearly define where the needed skill for learning tricks comes from exactly, it just sort of… happens.