Hello !
New street/flat vidéo, with Léo and me :

Enjoy !

(Sorry for my bad English )

Awesome. Great video.

Hot. But I prefer the term, “Fleet”.

Loved it. (not much freestyle though(frame, the coast and ?))

good stuff guys, good stuff!

wow i really enjoyed that one guys…leo has sick style

Wow! Just wow! That was such a great vid! Keep it up

i really love the vid and the music! how old are you guys?

Léo, 14~15 years old, and me 17.
Thanks for comments !!

Awesome video, I liked it a lot.

really liked the style and the over all video. Loved the look of the white tire.

2:12 was one of my favorite parts of the vid. I’ve never seen that done with one foot on the crown.

Leo’s flat is great. Loved the treyflip down the four set.

This was hands down one of the better vids released in the past month.

Good edit as well.

simply amazing…much jealousy!

Best flatland video I’ve seen in a while…very good job:D

Any chance of putting it on youtube?