[street/flat] Fleet

my new street/flat vid, only download link for now, but a vimeo link as soon as possible



– bobousse

vimeo link


– bobousse, comments appreciated

Nice! I loved how it wasn’t just a bunch of 5 sec clips and you were able to do trick after trick.
But, 1:20-1:30? I couldn’t really tell what you were doing…

nice, nice. I liked those 8 outside rolls, that was silly, but still pretty sweet haha. very good flat. street was also decent.

actually it was 4 outside roll to 4 inside roll thanks for the comments

– bobousse

ah. well, as was mentioned, it was hard to see. still pretty cool. You should do that down a hill.

yeah that would be cool crankroll-muni haha, i’ll give it a try :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked it bobousse! Cool Lines :smiley:

The trials part was cool too!

Are you riding the Domina 2 now? or Yoggi replaced your frame with a Domina 1 in koxx days?

If it’s the Domina 2, Post pics pleaseee!

Thanks :smiley:

and you did a nice job in this video… It’s my favorite from your videos!

I liked the video. It had some riding that made it worth watching.:slight_smile:


Your videos are really cool.

i love all your videos but this was the best!

do you drive the blackdomina frame again?

or is it the blackdomina 2?


That was nicely put together. Very hawt.

Cool to see another 720.

You should deinterlace your clips though.

Wow really nice video, 720 was nice and the flat stuff is awesome.

I just thought that was funny chris! cos i remember not too long ago joe telling you to do the exact same thing. on that trick sluts in the tron video … that had bad interlace!! :stuck_out_tongue:

first thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

i ride the black domina 2 now, i get it at koxx days in replacement of my blck domina one

for the deinterlacing, i decided to change of video editing software, cause i never succeed with sony vegas to deinterlace properly

– bobousse

I have a little tutorial: How to Deinterlace in VEGAS… I will find it here, and i pm you if you want!

And please post pics of your new frame! Everybody wants to see these frame :D:D


with photos of the new frame, you won’t see any visual difference except one, i don’t want to spend time on something which wont be noticed

– bobousse

ps: i’m interested by your tutorial

very nice

the vid was really sick. dang u beat me to the rolling wrap to varial roll to outside to inside. i was going to film that one for my vid…proablly still will. the 4 outside to 4 inside was sick too!