Street/Flat AAAAAACH

Heres another bunch of clips that will hopefully entertain you for 3 minutes.

All riding, editing and uploading was done in the same day.

Don’t expect another vid from me for a while. I’ll try to contain myself whenever I land a new trick and save it for a good video. Insted of making a vid full of filler material whenever I land a new trick. :sunglasses:

That was saweeet. I don’t know why you say you will try and contain yourself. I thought that video was awesome, and thank you for it. Your getting pretty good with editing, the song with great with your ridding. Thanks for sharing, don’t stop unless you don’t like making lots of vids or something.

I got some cheese waiting for ya in the States.

Its not that I don’t like making lots of vids. Its just that if you havn’t notice I tend to drag out anything past 2min and I reply a lot of things lol.

If I didn’t do that and just had GOOD trick after trick. It would be alot better without a doubt.

Personally I like a good mix of the two. If its all just trick trick trick I feel like IM being force fed. The extra stuff, and replays are nice on the brain and make the over all watching more enjoyable. Dont get me wrong its nice seeing alot of tough tricks too, but you are making a film, the extra stuff is what gives your film character. A fun to watch video is better than one that showcases the hight of a skill level.

A skill level showcase is good every now and then, but not the only factor in a video.

Hmmm, agreed. But I shall stick to my original plan :stuck_out_tongue:

I Liked It :smiley:

Nice Stuff… you have an amazing style Chris!

I Liked the song too :smiley:

PS: Check Youtube Page, the logo is like a map :smiley: For the Earth Day!

Bye :smiley:

Thanks and yes, it appears they have updated lol.


haha, but for real, I will be awaiting your non-filler vid then.

Crazy good. Awesome edit and everything.

Whats up with the bball hoops in australia?

Aus?! This is New Zealand!

And they were netball hoops.

Hah I loved that, yes yes landed a fifth flip down a three stair!

Good vid

Aus, New Zealand, whatever.

awesome video, lots of flips, but you keep them interesting.

Dude… New Zealand has nothing to do with Australia. No offense to Aussies.

Your two handed triple makes me laugh.

I think its great that you are able to put out decent videos in a relatively short amount of time, keep at it I say.

Whats with the two accounts Dr. Jekyll?

There goes my plan of busting a in-in trey fakieflip down a 3 set in my next vid :).

Pretty good. Except for the fact that you stole my plan! (not that i can in-in trey fakieflip yet, well i can just havent landed it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes, using your intense methods, I can fifthflip down a 6 set! It was nice how u busted that fifth hopless eh? just rolled right out!:wink:

AAHHH this isnt even fair … im at uni and cant watch youtube videos!!! LOL so i really cant wait to get home and see this!! fifth flip down a 3??? and in to in trey fakie flip thats awesome as!! CANT WAIT oh and shaun what makes you laugh about his two handed tripple flip?? :stuck_out_tongue:

LARL your 720s make me laugh good sir.

Edit: Seriously though, thanks. Those kind of comments only push me to make me ride harder. I really wanna get one handed triples on flat. (not vert :p)

none taken. sick vid.