Street - Fall 2011

After some fun rides with my 24 this is what I got :slight_smile:
I mostly focused on the riding, but I also spend some time on the editing, but filmin isn’t really anything special.
Hope you enjoy!! :wink:

Comment if you like :smiley:

This is a great vid man!Gratulation!

that wa really fun to watch :slight_smile: loved all the big street stuff! edit and the song were really good too! keep up the awesome work

Great riding, and I really liked the filming and editing!

You should start hitting handrails with that bad boy. It would really round out the riding well.

love it!

I really enjoyed that! The riding was awesome, you’re really good at 24" street! The filming and editing were also really nice!

I loved it :slight_smile: Riding is great and the music flowed really nicely!

Since no one have asked, i will inform you that the gap around 2:05 was almost 4 meters :open_mouth:

The edit was really good Anton! Already looking forward to the next 24" video :smiley: Hopefully i will see some grinds then :smiley:


Thanks for the comments everyone :smiley:

Many of you have asked for grinds, and I couldn’t agree more with you :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just terrible frighten of grinds xD one of the reasons is because of this bail:

(the landed one was before the bail, but I thought it was too short so I wanted to hit it longer). Also I really suck at pedal-grinds, I always hit with the crank too, which really fucks you up if you’re on a handrail!!
If you have some ideas that could help me please tell me!! :smiley: