[Street] Facial !

N’importe quoi…

Facial !


P.S. Street video with Antoine L.B. and Hugo Duguay from August to December 2008. :roll_eyes:

Wrong file, you will have to wait another couple of hours, sorry guys.

Awwww dam. grrr

Got me excited.

The thing is, I havn’t seen it yet too. We have been waiting for 2 hours on Vimeo and just now when we came to watch it, we noticed it was not the good file…

Video will be up in a couple of hours I guess, just watch our channel.


11 30 and still nothing…x_x

just got up:

Man, I miss Montreal and riding with you and Emile and Mikael. Those were good times(besides snapping my frame :p)

Good video. Liked the doubleflip off the bench. Good song. What is it?

Edit: The song was used in the old Sej video Night Sess. I know that much.

Sorry about the song, I hate when that happens.

On the other side, what a nice video ! Antoine didn’t use alot of my footage, so now I have extra footage left…hum… Smells like… video spirit ! :roll_eyes:

I loved it !


No. 5 by Hollywood Undead.

I liked Hugo’s doubleflip out of the grab/grind on the bench.

That was really good! Good job on the 102cm up, Hugo!

Antoine is getting really smooth too.

I knew the other rider was going to be Antoine!! :wink:

Great video,


very nice editing,riding,music :slight_smile:
some nice tricks in it !! and a great 102cm :slight_smile:

but something about it wasnt as good as usual…

Holy cow that song was annoying but I kept listening too it because it was so catchy!
good video though:D


This guy I sit next to in math told me that he found the best bagel place ever in Seattle.

I told him that if he hasn’t been to Montreal he doesn’t know what the best bagel place is :wink:

Great riding Hugo. I like the 540 down the stairs.

I must have missed that one, where was it ? :wink:

It was just a small ledge about 40 cm high.

Thank you,