street cranks

I was wondering, what would be the best length cranks for street?

I’m guessing the the new 135mm koxx ones would be awesome because of theyre roundness and low Q factor, but what about the 127mm KH or 140 KH?

what length is best for street?

It’s a preference thing. I like 125’s cause they’re fast and it makes revs and flips easier for me.

I like 110mm but this is something that there are lots of threads about and I think even you have posted threads about this.

i wouldn’t ride anything longer than 125mm for street.

would there be alot of difference in what I could do/can’t do going from 140’s to 127’s?

Try it, and post results.

i would never ride anything longer than 125mm full stop?

is that on a uni with a trials tire/rim?

i also would never ride a trials tire/rim for street.

Lol niice, well I use 127s for street I have no complaints with them. And I use a trila setup[ for street due to the larger tire allowing me to roll hop higher, and to obsorb landings of big drops.

would 127’s be too short for trials?