Street Crank's Questions

  1. Whats a good size for street riding?
    [LEFT]2. Are their any thicker cranks out their (Preferably round)?
    I ride a 07 Onza [/LEFT]

I recall some round K1 street cranks

Yeah but I’ve heard that their not compatible with the Onza Isis hub.

These are pretty much the only tubular ISIS cranks around. Unfortunately they only come in 125 and 145mm which neither of are ideal for street IMO. Someone else needs to bring out some ISIS tubular cranks in 135mm.

125s are great for street. 135s have more control but are slower.

Thicker than what?

My 137 moments are great.

I ride 125 moments for street. I would say 125 is actually quite ideal.

125s are the best for street if thats mostly what your doing.

Does anyone have any 130’s? I’ve seen them for trials biking and i think they would work(Only problem I see is that they are $200).

I really don’t like 125’s for street, other people do, it’s personal I guess. I just find everything easier on longer cranks with more control, but then again I can’t crankflip yet lol.