street cranks on moment hub

I remember reading different Koxx ISIS hubs had different specs, which would cause some cranks fitting hubs, and others not.

Just wanted to throw that out there.

yes my dad did put them on.
the other day i took a pair of moments off of brents kris holm and when i took the cranks off they were really tight just like it was when i took the moments off of my koxx axle…i noticed though that there wasnt hardly any grease…is that why they were so hard to take off maybe or are the moments just a tight fitting crank?

My moments can be slipped on and off the axle by hand, with minimal force. Its feels like taking off a shoe, just needs a slight pull.

That’s wicked if all ISIS cranks are supposed to be like that.

I hate taking cranks off of my mountain bikes with square taper spindles… absolutely NEED a crank puller, or you will damager the crank otherwise.

my koxx cranks (k1 reinforced hub) need a crank puller to come off… however my bearings slide off no problem. Since the spacers sit them nice and tight iots not a problem but was slightly surprising that i was able to just zip them off.