street cranks on moment hub

do they fit? I’ve heard they are losser than the normal koxx cranks, so do they slip around at all?

I would be appreciative if someone could check.

i would think they might a little because i put moment cranks on my koxx hub and it was pretty tight…but then again the might have just had a tight fit too…

Miles are you saying with all the pats you have you dont have both of those to try…? haha

if they are loose on a k1 hub then they wouldn’t do good at all on a KH hub since the k1 splines are bigger that KH splines

did u just say that moments are loose on a K1 hub?

no i meant the street cranks by “they” i probably should have made that clearer

Mine arnt loose.

So can this be done? I want to put koxx cranks on my uni when i get it if possible.

I checked… way too loose. There was ALOT of slop, way to much to even try and ride. :roll_eyes:

awww bummer! and from a company that says it’s ISIS.

Well that sucks.:frowning:
but Thanks for checking.

did u tighten them all the way on or just slide em on?

They have to go on so far, to be tight, that they rub the frame.

And also I tried to put my moments on my Koxx hub, BAD IDEA. Those cranks, you put on your orange bud, wont fit on a moment hub ever again. So I guess “bad” is relative if you dont ever plan to.

really were they all loose or wat…

Say what?

i just put the moments i had on my orange bud on a moment hub and they were fine…i havent ridden with it yet but they feel fine to me…

Very surprising. When I gave the moments a little line up try to my koxx they wouldnt even slightly go on without pounding, which I would never do to ALU.
Thats cool if they work on a moment hub still.

Either way, unless someones tries a some sort of shim of sorts, the Koxx street cranks wont fit on a moment hub.

ohh well thats odd…sounds like ur cranks hole got smaller…
how far did ur moments go on because i tapped mine a little bit to get them to get a little bit tighter like i always do and then i tightend them up with the bolt…

They didnt go on. You shouldnt have to tap, thats what the allen/crank tool is for.

If I can remember correctlly your Dad put your moments on (originaly) not you. If you have put them back on, well of course they fit 'cause the aluminum has been bent to fit your koxx hub.