street Consistency

Couldnt think of a good poll for this one.

How consistent are your tricks? can you land them every couple times? can you land them endlessly? I would like everyone that considers themselves a street rider to go out and try or film something.
See if you can land 10 crankflips in a row or 10 3spins. if those are too easy, then try treys, hicks, doubles, or 5spins.

If you can do them on flat easily then try them off an obstacle… box, curb or 3 set.

and BE HONEST. you can either try to land them all without dismounting the uni or do a trick, dismount then reattempt.

If it takes you a couple tries to get ten in a row please mention that.

You are not alone, my brother.

I’ll make a consistency vid some time like the one Shaun made. Or maybe like the one Luke made, his was much cooler. Umm yeah I’ll get something done sometime, maybe a while off, pretty busy. But for me, I have my good and day days. You saw me on my bad day Phil, that time we went to subway then the goodman center skatepark…sometimes like that I can land next to nothing, this is usually when I’m just in a bad mindset haha. When I’m feeling good and not injured I have world champion like consistency :wink:

I might try this tomorrow

Here’s what I got yesterday, I wasn’t going to upload it but then I saw this thread. I was just warming up and it took a couple tries.

Honestly its going to depend on the trick, I can flip any set up to 7 first try every try. Rails when I am in practice I usually hit every try. I was at a skatepark today and didnt miss a single trick come to think about it…It was only a 10 min sesion to show off to some skaters, but I did a 360 down a cute lil 3 set, grinded a 6 stair rail, a box that ran along a 3 flat 3 set, dropped a half pipe, and flipped a 3 set that each stair was half a rev long, and went to rubber on a handrail that was 28ish in high (first attempt I actually did overshoot and blunt stall lmao). But these are all tricks im very consistant at. Later tonight I was inside the community center and was tryin to do backflips and double backflips… Yeah not so consistant lol!

I think it really just depends on what you practice “practiced” the most. I remember doin this with Spence back in the day, sessioning 3 spins and 5 spins on just who can land them the most times in a row, GREAT way to practice tricks before you take them down a set…unless you dumb like me and almost land your first 5th down a set muahaha

Ready to see it sir. Thats what I wanna see most :wink:

Thats perfect Julia. Exactly what I was looking for. You seemed pretty tired towards the end. True?

Was bored. Got the crankflips on flat on the second try (was just warming up), 180flips first try and flips up/down first try.

I like to think of skill as a spectrum. This spectrum grows as you get better of course. So Imagine a line that represents your skill. The longer the line the better the skill. This line is basically universal for everyone in what it covers (just go with me on this) around 80-85% of this line I would label as consistant (which is really just landing them more than 75ish% of the attempts). While around 60% is nearly 100% of the time except for stupid slip ups or terrible days (I miss a mount about 1 in every 500-1000 times, lol) Out all my flip tricks only a couple of the weird ones I can’t do consistantly, this makes sense since I don’t really practice the weird ones (blind varialflips etc.) But yes, Maybe a short is in this one.

I tried it today:

The 720s and Doubleflips took two tries and the fifthflips took three.

Some time ago, and it’s flatland, but anyways

Skip to 0.26 :slight_smile:

EDIT: it was first try :smiley:

I really like what I am seeing. I am bouncing around ideas of developing a unicycle training program or regiment. Its just this little thing on the back of my projects right now. But I am interested in developing unicycle training/conditioning in a way that could lead towards better unicycle coaching in a team or club setting.

I think a lot of us would agree that unicycling is pretty body intensie when it comes to doing tricks. you are starting to breath hard when you get to that 8th unispin.

sorry, not a complete thought. but interesting.

I also tried doing 360’s, I got 7 in a row after a few tries.
I was never very consistent with them though. Not sure why.

Agreed. when i go uni, i don’t know when to stop and before i know it i’m so tired i can hardly breath and feel like I am going to pass out, yet i do it again and again for hours a day. though i’m very out of shape.

its not a real consistency vid…
but the begin clip is quit long with pretty much tricks in a row :roll_eyes:

Yeah I was getting pretty out of breath, plus kinda bored with them cause I just wanted to do 5 in a row but when I got to 5 I didn’t want to stop haha

Might just test out my consistency.
Btw Unihopper your getting sooo smooth with your flat now :smiley:

Thank you!

I am pretty consistent with the trick behind what i am practicing. For example, i am practicing 5 spins so i land maybe half or a little bit more of them. But a 3 spin I land almost every time… rolling tricks I can land most rollingwraps, but when i put it into a combo of 2 or more rolling tricks it drops to 50% or less depending on what I’m doing… it also does become difficult after the first couple of tries… where as the tricks im good at landing I can do quite a few more of them before I get tired.

I believe that is what you are asking.

so as a testiment to needing to ride more. I got the flips after 3 attempts. but i just couldnt get the spins. i would get too tired then fall. so… more training today