Street comp at toque?

is there going to be a street comp at toque? cause i think alot of street style riders are gunna be there and it would be sweet, even if we just rode around toronto looking for stuff to sesh.

just checkin,
what street type riders are goin to toque?


hey hey! im gonna be there for sure! we’re definitely gonna go find some stuff to ride street on. itll be a good time.


I’m going, see you there.


I’m in (note that I am NOT a street rider)

Im goin for sure and im a street rider. Damn its goin to be so awesome i just hope the weather will be nice enough so we can all hit the streets of toronto.



There will be no official street competition at the TOque Games. I thought about holding one last year already, but I don’t think street riding is ready for an official competition yet and the TOque Games schedule is already packed with events, so it will be a little while before a street comp makes its way into TOque.

It is a cool idea though.

By the way, Justin, send me an e-mail with your registration details. I don’t have any info for you.


I’ll be going, but not competing. The skill isn’t up to par, i’m sure. But, i’d be down for some street riding. The weather will probably suck though, so who knows.

Me and my friend Simeon are going up friday night and we are riding all night friday. Anyone is welcome to come if they would like. We even have a couple of biker friends who are coming. Just to let you know we are just learing alot of tricks, so it would be helpful if we could watch some experienced riders.

Budd White

How exactly do you pronounce TOque anyway?

too 'k

Since the weather looks like it’s going to suck, and since there are a bunch of street riders who want to go riding during the TOque weekend, does anyone know of a sheltered place that we could ride at that is decent for street riding (ledges, stairs, etc.)? Are there any official plans for street riding, yet?

Isent there some skate park setup for the BMX’ers at the bike show?

Maybe, but if you aren’t competing, then you aren’t covered by insurance, and if you aren’t covered by insurance, then you can’t ride your unicycling in the building. Even if you are competing, i’m still not sure if they’d let you mess around on the courses. Sucks.

You are talking about the BMX MetroJam ( which also happens in conjunction with the Toronto International Bike Show. It is a completely seperate event from TOque and run by seperate organizers. There course and schedule are setup for Pro and Expert BMX riders only.

Unicycles are not allowed on the BMX street course.


I dident know what kind of stuff they did at the bmx event, I was just throwing out the idea.