Street comp at NAUCC?

I ride a lot of street and trials, so I was sorta disappointed when I didn’t find anything about a street competition on the NAUCC website schedule.
However, in the registration form there is a category under individual freestyle for just “street”. What is that, how is it going to be planned, etc? Any details? Or is it just not thought out that far in advance yet? :slight_smile:

my friend is gonna be doing street routine for tcuc but i dont think u find out what kind of obstacles u have to ride on till u get there. hes putting together segments and make up the rest when he gets there. i cant go.:frowning:

does anyone have any more details on this, as far as if it is happening and how it will be organized etc.?

If there isn’t, we can certainally have a “street comp” amongst ourselves. Maybe on the Urban Fun Rides and stuff.

yea there is going to be one. im doing it.

how’s it going to be organized?

I signed up to be in it too, but I don’t know anything about it. Is it going to be were you have a set routine, or just whoever throws down the best tricks, something like that?

Anybody that knows? :stuck_out_tongue:

how about a game of UNI (or a longer word)?

i signed up for the street comp (on the registration form)

There is a street comp at NAUCC. We’ll be using the same rules as for Unicon (see IUF rulebook - section 7 )

One of the more relevant parts from the Rulebook:
“Riders are judged on their performance both on and off the obstacles. Some flatland and some obstacle riding must be displayed for an optimum score. Judges are looking for clever use of the space to set up moves and combina-tions of various types, done with some style and personality.”

The comp will be either before or after the Trials comp - currently scheduled for Tue, July 4th.

BTW - the urban rides that Tommy have been planning will be fun. There is a lot of fun places to play on downtown Memphis. Even though my trials/street riding is closer to non-existent, I still had fun a few weeks ago when Tommy and some of the Memphis Uni Club unicyclists showed me around some of their favorite spots in Memphis.


i might not be able to go, because i got family coming that week so my mommy wants me to stay home but ill try to change here mind

the street thing will be sweet