Street Comp added to California MUni Weekend!

Sorry about the late notice, but based on a conversation today with MUni Weekend organizer Eyal Aharoni, we’ve decided to add Street Freestyle to the schedule. Both the Street and the Trials competitions will take place on Saturday afternoon, with the details TBA. Which one we do first will depend on timing and logistics.

Eyal has asked me to “run” those events, so if you have any questions about details not found in the rules (linked below), you can ask here or better yet, drop me an email.

The Trials competition will use the latest-and-greatest rules from Kris Holm, which can be found here:

The Street competition will use the newly-written set of rules for the (not yet finished) 2006 IUF Rulebook. Read the proposal here:

Age groups will be determined based on participation. Trials will probably be divided as we did at last years’ MUni Weekend: 0-18, 19-39, 40-up. The same may be true for Street, which had no age goups at all. We’ll see.

I hope some of you attendees will want to enter… :slight_smile:

wish i could go. id enter that.

Well, I guess we’ll talk about it when we get down/over/out there. I’m leaving tomorrow morning…

My freestyle isnt that great but il do it for the heck of makin an arse out of myself, hmmm the same reason im doing the trials comp…lol

How on earth do you have time for trials competitions in a muni weekend?

The last few muni weekends over here have generally involved arriving on Friday, a night ride*, lots of muni-ing all Saturday, a (slightly) shorter ride on Sunday then going home Sunday afternoon / evening…

How long does such a trials / street competition take?


Cal Muni Weekend is a 3-day event. Most folks are arriving on Thursday. There’s a big ride scheduled for Friday, and another big ride on Sunday. These “big rides” involve shuttling 20 miles to the top of a 4,500 foot high mountain and riding 6 or so miles of strenuous single track down to sea level. These rides are pretty hard on the legs. If we didn’t toss in a “rest day” for the trials and street comps, and instead ran 3 shuttle rides, most folks (myself included) would end up in traction. It usually takes 2 or even 3 days to fully recover from 1 shuttle ride.


Im gonna get beat, Im gonna do the Trials comp, try the Street comp, then on Sun do the last ride…is there a ride on Saturday…?

Yes, a short ride on Saturday morning. Those details will be announced in person.


I’ll tell you, my all time record for leg soreness is 7 days (after a 37 offroad mile ride that included over 12000’ of descent). But second place is 6 days from one of those Santa Barbara shuttle rides. It was “only” something like 4 miles of riding with 3500’ of descent. Killer stuff. We’re all in for a treat this weekend. See some of you later today (in 20 hours) and the rest Friday.


quivering in anticipation

or is that fear?