[Street] CMQ 2011 Promo Video


Edmund and I worked on this promotional video for the upcoming Québec Unicycling Competition, happening in Montréal from August 26th to 28th. For more details, please check www.cmq.monotreal.ca.

Enjoy !


Nice video, awesome riding! I loved the crankflip up the three set-one footed riding and the clean 540 back down the set!

Nice guys. How long has Edmund been riding? Hes gonna get good I think :slight_smile:

Really good video guys :slight_smile: 540 hop twists are so cool…

Ed has been riding for around 4 years, but has been improving alot really since last summer. He has been injured at the ankle for a while now though, so this is a little setting him back from trying bigger stuff. But you’re right, he’s already very good at street, and will only get better !

Thank you all for the comments !

if i don’t work that weekend i’m going to definatley try to make it to at least 1 of the days :smiley: so excited i really hope i can go…

That would be great !

I would say the best day for you to come would be on Saturday, since that is when there are the most competitions (street, trials, speed trials, slopestyle street, 10K, high jump and long jump), but any day would be cool !

Update :

For anyone interested, registration is now officially open on the website : http://www.cmq.monotreal.ca/en/registration . You simply have to create a profile and to fill in the information relative to the CMQ (registration to the different competitions, size of shirt, etc.) in the section “Edit Profile”. You can choose the privacy level of each elements of your profile.

However, do not forget to complete the waver form and to bring it on the 26th or the 27th.

Thanks Benoît for the registration !