# street clip, TRIPLEFLIP! watch this..

oh god, after many tries.
first norwegian tripleflip. how many in the world can do them?

very very nice!
i was there! it was sick:P

keep it up

I saw it in real, It was insane :smiley: Congratulations, Lee! Well done!

Sweeeeeeet man! Really awesome! Congratulations! :smiley:

Show off :wink:


I think 5 people can do them now, Shaun, Kristian, Mike, the french guy (Arthur?) and you.

What is with 720? I think only 3 people, who still unicycle, can land them (Shaun, Jakob and the australien guy).

that was great,. I had to open the movie in WMM and slow it WAYYYYYY down to see it

Pretty sure Loic can triple too.
And Matt Huet can 720.

What is the biggest difficulty with doing a triple-flip? Is it spinning the cranks fast enough or catching them, because they’re spinning so fast?

Or is it just psychologyical? More and more people seem to be able to do them…

Take your pick LoL

Yes, Loic can triple. Even 180 triple!


Holy cow 180 triple!?!?! Loics not even here and hes stealing this guys thunder

'Bout time some variation has been thrown with them now.

Wow. Awesome stuff.
I really want to see this Loic thing…
Please link me.

I don’t do them but i think i can answer from my double experience. I landed maybe 3 already down a 20cm curb.

The difficult part is clearly to spin fast enough.
Most people throw it as hard as possible, then you just land when you can and hope that it will be enough.

Ah, and i’m not sure at all for Loic triple flipping. And i’ve seen one other french freestyler landing a uni 720.


I know one more guy that can do them. :wink:


good job, crazy trick.


Haha. Me too. But it’s secret, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m pretty close to them too. Will be in my next vid I think.

He says so…