[Street] Bunch of CR*P

I had to my disposition :

  • An afternoon
  • Unused footages
  • An unused end of song
  • An editing software (which I just discovered in my comp :astonished: )
  • Lot of time to spend on something useless

So I made this really short vid with some old and bad footages who didn’t have the chance to make it to my vids.

Hope you enjoy !


EDIT : Gallery Link, for better quality.

Hugo that was really cool :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it quite a bit, keep it up!


'Twas a beautiful thing!

dude, that’s some sweet crap. It looks like a sweet trailer. my guess is crap stands for Completely Ridiculous Awesome Potential for a full length video.

what editing software is that?

Sick man

HeHe ! WMM :roll_eyes:

And no guys this is not a trailer for a full length video and CRAP doesn’t stand for Completely Ridiculous Awesome Potential, sorry. But it’s true that there’s a full length video coming somewhat soon, I guess we could do a trailer, good idea mate.

Thank you guys !


“Its like a flea giving birth to an elephant!” Says new york times. lol. So I guess that wasn’t your last vid after all. Great riding.

good stuff…you got some serious skills!