[STREET] "Back In the Game"

Hey everyone,
So its been a while. Somehow, even tho I am working overtime latley, I have found enough time to finish this video. Its My first video since my foot and ankle injury a little over 3 months ago. My ankle is still a bit sore when I go out an ride, so nothing overly crazy on here. Tho I managed to pull off a few new tricks(for me). Personaly I feel like my riding and editing were a bit rusty, but it all came together pretty well.

Here ya go:

Big HQ download

Small HQ watch on Uneed Films

youtube if all else failed / or you want to rate and comment

-Sam Haber

nice video!!!check mine out

sweet video. your ankle looked pretty gross

Awesome video! Good job at nailing the 5spin and sex change at the end. I see you got some of the clips I filmed when we went riding. Hahaha, the two-footplant. Lets try and film a full video together next time you come up.

Your foot is revolting, what happened?
Nice riding. You’re getting neat-o.

Thanks guys. Yea foot was pretty messed up. That picture was almost at the 1.5 week mark, so that looked pretty good compaired to a bit earlier. It was a sprained foot and ankle rolled it doin a hand rail.

Brian I will def be back from some riding sooon. This job is goin faster than I thought, so if there is some good weather It wont be long.

Dude you totally stole my idea about using AOTP for my vid lol;) The riding was awsome, the music was awesome…yeah pretty much that whole vid was awesome. Dude at 3:10 you put so much steez into that I was like :astonished:

That’s definitely your best video so far!
Awesome editing. Not rusty at all in my opinion.

That was really good. I liked the music and good job on the 540 unispin.

I love the way your white uni looks with green pedals and clamp

Yea man AOTP are awsome, everything I loved about Jedi, but a little more family friendly…okay not family friendly but yaknow. Thanks for the complement on the 5-spin. I just started landing them, so thats awesome that they look good.

Thanks Sean,
but I know there is something a bit shinier to come.

I already changed the clamp color… I get bored and own a powder coating kit.

What kind of tires do you use? I think I saw at least 2 different ones in there.

I use a 20x2.25 sweetskinz, and a shaved tryall.

If you had…

you know what unicycling is all about. you know what good music sounds like. you know how making a real movie is done.

if you were a chick i would totally do you.

-that was some real yunisyko sheeit up in there

IM not quite looking for that kind of relationship :roll_eyes: . However I could use a place to sleep in sunny California for the winter, haha;) .

Sweet Video.

Your ankle bruises were cool colors.

video was ILL and Ankle was nasty lol

oh really? are you coming to cali?

or am i being thick, and ur just kidding?

Ive spent the last two winters in California. Depending on how much work comes my way, the same could be true for this one.

what type of work do you do?
almost done downloading
i like how you can hear brian start laughing after the double foot plant

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