[street] Aus Street Weekend 2006 - youtube

Hi, this is an old vid that I just uploaded to youtube so I’m making it accessible from the video forum.

Nice, I remember wathcin that back when. Thanks man.

Great video! I liked everything including the music, editing and the riding!:smiley:

Oh my H. We’re riding in Hamiltron tomorrow!

Great video! Old video eh… so you must be better now :slight_smile:

I loved the editing, it’s what I miss in most uni videos… sweet riding as well of course even though we didn’t see a lot of that haha

I saw that excat video last when Tomsey (I think?) first posted it, it’s already been on youtube…

What song is that? Someone before said it was Anberlin but I don’t think it is…

Alex made 2 versions and he used Anberlin in the other one. Its here if you want to see it. I like that one better because there is more riding.

Oh okay, I haven’t seen that version before, for some reason.

That’s my favorite song ever.

I enjoyed that one a lot. How does one go about rotating the wheel in the air without touching the pedals and then landing back on and riding? heheh

i think it are called crankflip? :wink: you have one of those nerdy smilies on msn, imagine that one right where the wink is…

I managed to make out the lyrics and google them.

Song is Red Alibi by Sparta.

Yeah i remeber that video.
One of my favorites.


good memories.