Street and Trials Video

Hey, i’m new to the forum and stuff.
I’ve been riding a unicycle for close to 6 months now after riding bike trials for about 2 years. So I made a video and i’m pretty pleased with the way it came out.
Here’s the link:

Hope you enjoy it, comments are appreciated

Wow! That is great for only 6 months. Sweet video!
:astonished: :slight_smile:

My sentiments exactly.

I was wowed by the hops you have. I haven’t seen that good of form in a while. You definitely remind me of Ryan Atkins. If you haven’t see him, look up his videos.

I expect big things from you.

That was awesome!
Nice riding for only 6 months :astonished:
Nice video, the end could be better :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome!:smiley: The last grind was awesome!:

You’ve got a sweet high hop.

Bike trials must be great practice for uni trials… :roll_eyes:

Welcome to the forizzles. Totally pumpin-ghetto-fresh-sick for 6 months. Nice.

sick skills for 6 months! amazing…

that ledge at the end was awesome, where is that?

+1 pretty much the words out of my mouth.

wow for only 6 months riding thats sweet. i guess coming from a bike trials background really helps is well. i think most of us are going to want to see big things from you

Great riding

For only 6 month…:)!Very nice riding!

yes realy good for only 6 months great :wink: :smiley: very cool

Your crazy dude I’ve been riding for around two years and your a good better bit then me!

I almost don’t believe that you only have been riding in six months! Nah, I believe people when they tell me something. But really?! Six months!? Wow!!

I think that your trials biking background is helping you, but that is no excuse for being that good already :angry: . Neither is bigger talent than most! :stuck_out_tongue:

wow that is sick!!!
great grinds and trial lines !!!
how high do you jump? and where do you live :p?

Dude! That was incredible! makes me wanna go and ride right now! haha sweet vid!

Awesome first post. Welcome man, sick video.



Hey, thanks so much for the replies, it means a lot to me to hear such a positive response from other unicyclists.

And yeah, bike trials was a good transition into unicycling, my hop technique felt very natural at first. Also i taught myself to ride indoors, this helped my technique also i think because i had to tuck real low if i didn’t want to hit my head on the ceiling.

I think i’m hopping around 34" high, not totally sure tho, i know i’m over 33" for sure. And i’m from Kingston, Ontario. But i’ll be moving to Thorhold, Ontario in the fall (it’s a little town outside St. Catherines), anyone up there ride?