Strecthing before/after muni-ing?

Just wondering how many of you, if any, do any kind of strecthing routine either before or after muni-ing, (or both) :slight_smile: and if so, what do you do and for how long?

i just do some quick stretches (i forgot the name of it) to everything from my stumach down, if you do those slow ones like in gym or something those are for after a session, cause they are slow, and relax you, and you want to be limber and blood pumping, ill find a link to it

I do stretches before even just a regular neighborhood ride. It helps get that blood flowing and loosens your muscles a bit so I don’t get charlie horses all night after I come back inside. >< God I hate those.

the doctor told me that if I don’t stretch my legs after Muni I will be in trouble.
I used to forget it: but now I do it before my shower (which I can’t forget:D ). Very simple and slow stretching.

As for “before” another doctor (a chiropractor) gave me exercises to practice for the back: the problem is I have to lay with my back on the floor… but these work very well for my spine.

I never stretch, i just get on and ride around on easy, and do hops and what not. stuff then I start the real riding

Probably doesn’t hurt that your only 15 too! :sunglasses:

yes, hehe, i forgot about that major factor:p

I just slowly ride around in circles, or around my block, or w/e

Trials unicycling is really hard on my back, the next day it hurts to move and hopping just kills. I don’t normally have a bad back, it’s just the corrective hopping of trials that messes it up. What warm-up stuff do you do before riding?

Well my problem is very different: I do not have a “bad back” (I just may get an element of my spine pinched out of others:) ) and I do not practice jumps or trial (just simple Muni).
the warm up is pretty difficult to describe: I must lay on my back, the whole back should stick to the floor and I must expire with belly contracted back (pretty unusual).
with this basis: I try different movements, some in the axis of my body some while twisting my body. The spine quickly finds the proper place to stay and it’s ok until the next nasty fall.

I’ve noticed my left arm get’s sore after Muni because that’s the arm/hand I use to grab the handle. Good thing, I guess, because when you break it down the muscle builds up bigger! :sunglasses: Maybe I should stretch before riding because I’ve never tried it. I will before the 33 mile Chilly Hilly ride (Feb 26, Bainbridge Island, WA), fo sho!

I wouldn’t call it a routine…but I stretch afterwards. sometimes before.

you should switch hands sometime, otherwise your left arm will be huge and your right arm will be little and puny.

Could more of the responses include DESCRIPTIONS of stretches like for the knees, calves, ankles, etc. and include how long you stretch? 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or so.

Middle age as brought forth a lot of dry tendons that are less resilient. I have had problems with my arms and lately an overstretched Achilles Tendon, that is s-l-o-w-l-y healing.

I miss my muni and fireroads aren’t my bag even on a pimped out 29er.

All bee bock.

If you hit the ground you need all your tendons to be in good shape because they take a lot of the impact. Unless you are a teenager, tendons and ligaments need regular training to stay fit and strong. Different types of stretching and relaxation exercises are good I believe. My own favourite is taiji because it works on the whole body.

haha im 16 the only time i streach is when i wake up

i too am 16, but i still like to stretch, its fun when your able to easily bend backwards into a bridge and other flexable things like that =p

Re: Strecthing before/after muni-ing?

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 14:49:54 -0600, teachndad wrote:

>Middle age as brought forth a lot of dry tendons that are less

I’m 52. I don’t stretch before or after a ride. The only thing I do it
take it easy in the first few minutes of a ride. I never have tendon
problems, and only rarely I have sore muscles. I guess I’m lucky.

Stretching is one of those things I keep forgetting to do… Along with homework :smiley:

I stretch when I get up in the morning. Also if my muscles are aching after riding.