I was just reading in Newsweek Mag. about a runner who has run everyday (at least 2 miles) for 25 years. They are known as streakers in the running community. Do unicyclists have an equivalent?

I ended my 10 day streak yesterday.


I thought that maybe you were talking about Boogie


This thread might start to be useful if we knew what you meant by streaker. Lots of people run every day. Is it an attendance thing?

I think he’s talking about folks who have unicycled some minimal amount everyday for a consecutive “streak” of days. There are actually relatively few folks who’ve run everyday for very long streaks. 25 years in very remarkable. I have a friend who had something like a 20 year running streak (minimal of 1 mile per day running) that finally came to an end a few years ago. I know other runners who’ve set a minimal daily mileage of 3 miles to qualify for a “streak” so who knows? While I run a lot, I’m hardly a streaker myself; enjoy the rest days too much!

Begs the question: What would be the minimal unicycle use criteria to qualify for a streak as not everybody rides significant daily/weekly mileage? Perhaps by minimal time, number of mounts, minimal mileage?

After I’m done riding or running, I first check to see if anyone is out and about in the house, then I throw my clothes in the washer and “streak” to the shower.

Wait, do you mean the other kind of “streaks”? Hmmm, in that case I guess my only streak that isn’t clothing related would be drinking coffee:

I got an espresso machine last xmas and I have made a latte every morning since, so that’s a streak of nearly one year :slight_smile:

I have ridden a unicycle at least once a week over the past two years :slight_smile:

Ben is clearly the best streaker here! :smiley:

I confess I used the title Streakers to get people to check it out. A juvenile ploy, I know. My point, MuniSano picked up on, would be to set a minimal amount of unicycle use that would qualify. People who commute to work on a uni would have a distinct advantage, but would need to ride on their days off as well.

The gentleman in the Newsweek article ran at least 2 miles a day for 25 years. I’m not sure I have gotten out of bed everyday for the last 25 years.

So based on the 2 miles per day of running, Probably 15 to 20 minutes of running every day might translate to 15 or 20 minutes of riding a uni. Would that be fair? I just think it would be interesting get back from a uni ride picking up a 6 pack of beer at the store at age 83 and note, "Wow, I have ridden every day for 25 years, and “Where the hell am I?” Insert your own old guy joke here.



i have like a two day streak running… maybe end today… but i started learning to wheelwalk yesterday!

Does eating streaky bacon every morning for the last twenty years count?

Death defying.

I think Jack Palance’s character in City Slickers II died from “eating bacon with every meal.”

No unicycles were harmed.

Back in the day, I had a very long streak of at least 15 minutes of unicycling a day, regardless of the weather. I think we should use a minimum time as our criteria, as not all unicyclists ride from A to B. This would allow for daily Trials practicing in the back yard or whatever. Is 15 minutes enough though? In sports, that would only qualify as a warm-up…

Maybe 30 minutes?? idk. Today I’m breaking my 3 day streak.

Minimum for a streak - 40 minutes.

I’m going with a personal minimum of 40 minutes since that is about the minimum needed to get benefit from a work out. This might include a few minutes of wondering, “What happened?” after a hard fall.