Strawberry Fields Forever Ride -- Santa Cruz, CA

Hi All,
In case you missed one of the other sub-posts, a bunch of us are going to do the Strawberry Fields Forever ride. It has a 25, 65 and 100 mile. Most uni’s are doing the 65 mile on Coker. It is a fun ride, and is cheap at only $35 (including lots of snacks and stuff on the way!)

Visit: and sign up! It is Sunday, May 15th, 2005. I did it on bike last year, and the climbing isn’t that bad (for the 100k/65mile version).


Thanks for telling us about this ride. I’ve signed up, and I’m looking forward to doing the ride with all the other unicyclists. I don’t yet have a Coker, and it seems I may not be able to get one in time (because UDC doesn’t have airfoils in stock). Several Norcal riders have already offered to let me borrow one for the ride. I’m sure this ride is going to be a blast.

What distances are yall planning to ride? I’m fairly certain that I can ride the 100K, but I don’t think my legs will be feeling too good after the ride.


I hope everybody who wanted to ride has signed up, as the ride is now full. I plan on riding the 100k on coker. It’s going to be a great ride, I think we have 8 or 9 of us one wheelers signed up.

What a great unicycle showing for a bike ride. Have a ball riding in your herd.