I just posted the link on Strava clubs UniTE and UniTE-1

Voted. Unicycling seems to be doing rather well; its one of only four activities with net positive votes. :slight_smile: Come on Strava!


It was on fb some weeks ago. I guess that was when we turned up positive :wink:

I have a Fitbit Charge2, too. What features does Strava have that Fitbit doesn’t and why do like using Strava? I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth the learning curve effort to link my Fitbit to Strava. Thanks.
Be well and keep on tracking


Like a lot of riders. I was 12 or 13 when I learned. Then, put it up for years, only riding occasionally From time to time. I really only ever thought a person would just ride a uni for novelty. As a teen I met another kid at school that could ride. We did shoot some b-ball together a little. That was fun. How things have changed.

Only a few more votes and we’ll outvote mountain biking!

Is it possible to vote several times?

Tracking speed and distance

I use an apple app called " Runtastic road bike pro ". It’s on my phone. I push start and drop it in my pocket. And at the end of the ride, when I remember…I push stop. It does have an auto pause feature available if you use a wheel sensor. I will be looking into that. The basic version was free. The pro version was 4$. It may not be right on. But close enough to give me an idea of speed/distance. Anyone heard of this one ? Jeff c

I use Strava for a couple reasons. I like the way it displays all the recorded data in conjunction with my position on the map, and I like how it’s strictly for recording my rides (my account anyway). My favorite feature though, is the ability to make segments. Segments are predefined stretches of road or trail on which your performance is automatically recorded and catalogued every time you ride. They can be made public to allow other riders to compete, but I make most of mine private and just compete against myself.

I think your vote is tied to your Strava account. If true, that means only one vote per user. But if someone has seen otherwise, please let us know!

Thanks for sharing. The segment/pause feature does sound like a good one. On my Charge2, I have tried to do it manually; however, it’s too much of pain since I’m wearing wrist-guards and when I do hit pause, I have forgotten to turn it back on. The other cool feature that I read about Strava is the cadence. I imagine I would have to purchase something to make this feature work. I wish I had an easy way to calculate cadence.
Oh, and by the way, Fitbit does not have a Unicycle Activity. Whichever app gets one first may be the reason for me to switch.
Be well and may all your pauses be short.

and equally pointless IMHO - if they make unicycling a separate activity then we’ll no longer share segments with bikers. In which case I’ll keep recording my unicycle rides as bike rides so I can compare myself with other people.

What would be useful would be being able to have two separate cycling profiles, on the same account but I suspect that’s extremely unlikely to happen.



I’m just surprised at getting so close to mountain biking.

I’m in two minds about the categorisation. When I first started using Strava I looked forward to annoying some local duocyclists by beating some of their segment times on a unicycle (childish I know, but that’s what Strava does to you :p). That hasn’t happened because I just can’t be bothered. I get precious little time to ride, so when opportunity strikes I prefer to head out of town and enjoy some countryside.

On the other hand, there are zero local unicyclists besides me, so a unicycle category would mean I’d be even more on my lonesome than I am now.

The separate category would be good for clubs though. I like looking at other people’s rides, especially if they include good photos. Sometimes I think “wow, impressive time”, only to realise that nope, they just did it on a bike.

This is a pretty good suggestion from Bill P regarding categorisation:

TL;DR - All rides go on the same leaderboards but also allow gear to be tagged with ride type and leaderboards/clubs filter on those types.

That would be best for us, not to have separate activity type, but new gear i.e. bike type. But strava seems to hide bike types more and more with time, so it more seems like they wanted to phase it out rather than emphasize.