Strava 'Club Rides' Second Sunday

The very first Strava muni/uni/mono/… club ride is this Sunday. It’s a global affair so as long as you are on planet Earth you are invited.

GPS enabled riders can post your track to the club list and tag your ride “UCR” for ‘unicycle club ride’ so we can virtually see who else rode with us. Others can manually enter their ride after joining (free) Strava and the club.

The intent is to repeat this every second Sunday of the month. Bragging rights will go to all participants, personal achievers (and maybe epic rides).

Last Sunday ten out of the 25 then members managed to log some miles on their unicycles. Let’s shoot for a double digit participation count this January and triple digit by year end December 2014.

US, UK, Poland, Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, Norway and Ireland are on the group right now. We need to add a few more locations so please sign up! And if you have real unicycle partners please feel free to actually ride with them over this virtual proxy for a ‘club ride’ : ) You can still record your rides to be part of the fun.


I will be riding this Sunday with a new Unicycle contact! I’ll try to remember to use my strava app!

I will be riding Sunday for sure…Will log ride again, not sure if it will be old trail or new trail…

should we post a picture on this thread of our ride with Uni Rider in it? Hard spot?


I’m up for joining, I need some excuses to go for some rides.

Good you have reminded :slight_smile:
Also if you are using instagram you can link it to your strava account and the photos taken during the ride will show up on strava.

Winter is finally coming so it got wet, windy and cold today, so I went just for a short ride in the neighbourhood. Anyway I’m in UCR:

I joined you for my longest single ride to date…only 4km but a bit of a milestone for me :slight_smile:
UCR - Greenham Common, UK

Yay! So fun!

Sorry to say that I didn’t join in the fun today, it was super icy out and I didn’t fancy my chances… I will definately get some rides in (especially the next ‘club’ ride) though, I promise! :smiley:

We missed you out there today. It wasn’t the same without you!

Please ride next month- a covered parking garage, shopping mall, airport terminal are all acceptable for UCR’s if it’s still icy in February. pax

It was fun to see every-ones ride today. Some of you guys are crazy!

Absolutely! I joined Strava due to this ride alone. I was using MapMyRide, but I had so much fun today seeing everyone’s routes around the world, I don’t think I’ll go back to MapMyRide. I was even able to import my previous ride data.

Thanks for putting this club together.

More pictures please!

More pictures! I really enjoy seeing the different terrains

I had a good time out there today. Here are a couple of photographs of today’s ride.

Wind-N-Sea - La Jolla, California

Kate Session’s Park - the start and end of my ride.

Arizona Desert- Dreamy Draw Park

Had a great day today, Lots of PR on the Trail, Lot of Crazy remarks, Lot of Jealous MTB guys!! I took a 3 hour nap after. Fun Ride.

got a little GoPro video, will edit a short video this week, mostly of Chris.



My Unicycle Club Ride was so fun I rode it a second time with a different wheel!

I would love to join however, I am rom Israel and our weekend is Friday and Saturday. We work on Sundays.

Just end it on saturday right after midnight!

First, you can ride on working day as well. My ride was just a 20 minutes as I had other plans. Otherwise you can ride on Saturday and I don’t think anybody would mind that you are the first one to post UCR :slight_smile: I see some of the rides from US on Monday anyway.

Suprisingly your overall stats on 24 and 26 are quite similar. Some of the fragments have more significant differences though. Were you taking some breaks on the rides?