Strangest thing on your uni.

What the strangest things you guyz done on a uni?

Today i did around 4 mile from B&Q to location on my KH24F with a 3 metre 6 pack of 1x2" wood :stuck_out_tongue:

Never seen so many faces in car windows, shame there wasn’t a accident :smiley:

Rode naked!

craziest has been trying the frontflips, but I havent tried those in a while cause of my fricken ankle lol

woah! isn’t that pretty painful for guys? :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm… probably when i was uniing along and my phone rang in my bag my ring tone was the traditional circus theme tune thing and i answered it whilst riding
:stuck_out_tongue: it was an extremly cheesy moment but i loved it!

Actually it wasnt, just a little weird at first.

i kissed a girl while riding. yeah.

Strangest thing on my uni is the spokes. I just can’t figure those out.

strangest thing i’v ever done is get my foot stuck in the spokes and slamed face first:(

happend to me .alot.

been there done that

The strangest thing on my uni is probably me.

me and my mate are gonna try playing cards on our unis tomorow, his gonan rde forwards and im gonna ride right in front of him going backwards, dunno why we are gonna do, just though it would look really weird to people in cars if we did it along a pathway next to a main road.

Strangest thing I’ve done on a uni?

For 99.999% of the world’s population, riding a unicycle cross country is pretty strange.

I’ve ridden on top of the keep of Warwick Castle, on top of a church tower near Bristol, and around the balcony of one of those monuments you can climb up to the viewing platform - that was somewhere down in Hertfordshire.

I’ve ridden 20 miles (on a 20) in full Morris dancing costume, including the bells. For some of that ride I was in a procession with other dancers, but for many miles I was alone on country lanes. That surprised a few motorists.

Daftest looking thing I’ve done? Riding from where I’d been practising back the car on my 24 with my 28 over my shoulder.