Strangest place you've built a wheel

What is the strangest place you’ve built a wheel? For me, it would be the wheel I built in the minivan on a four hour drive last Easter. I had owned the rim and hub for awile, but was waiting on spokes. I chased down the UPS lady, who had my spokes, before we left so I could build the wheel on the way to Easter dinner. I built the wheel, installed the Luna trials tire(very hard indeed), installed the cranks, pedals and put the wheel in my frame all before we arrived four hours later. I even aired up the tire in the van before we stopped. Jumped out of the van ready to ride.


my living room :frowning:

I once built a wheel in the Mariana Trench using remote technology and psychokinesis (heavy on the psycho). I built the wheel with components made entirely from ice so it was a short lived project. The nipple threads were tricky. I gave the wheel to Prince Charles as a Chanukah gift. I didn’t realize he wasn’t really Welsh he was just the Prince of Wales. How embarrassing. I always thought they wore tall yarmulkes in Wales anyway.

Mojoe, you must have laced a wheel in a cornfield and just forgot. Was there some other crop out there with the corn with memory erasing properties? Maybe under that stack of pallets you used to have?

Did you ever lace a wheel in that nice little number I saw you in the cross-dress bike race? I’d hate to see you get anti-seize compound on that nice fabric.