Strangest comment I've ever gotten

This morning while practicing in the gym a young girl (about 3 or 4) said to
her young friend: “Hey, look at that guy! He’s on one of those things like
an elephant!”.

I guess that she meant that you might see both an elephant and a unicycle at
the circus but it really cracked me up.


Re: Strangest comment I’ve ever gotten

This is taking this somewhat off-topic, but the mind of a child can be quite clever and resourceful.

Once in a restaurant when my daughter was about 4, she had ordered a milk, my wife a soda, and I a Sharps (a non-alcoholic beer - snicker if you will, I was driving.) The waitress returned with the milk and soda and after she left, my kid exclaimed, “Daddy, she forgot your pointy!”

Took my wife and me a second to figure out, but it’s still a family classic.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Strangest comment I’ve ever gotten

Hmmm… How to put this delicately…

You know how circus elephants sometimes balance on a small stool? Could that have been what she was referring to? Not to imply that you are, well, you know, large. But from the perspective of the very tiny little girl, you are a relatively large thing balanced on a small thing. And the unicycle itself evokes images of “circus” (at least in the minds of the uninformed masses).

uni57 (Dave)

I think she’s been watching too many cartoons where elephants ride unicycles at the circus.

Re: Strangest comment I’ve ever gotten

Like this elephant?

That’s the one!

I too got a weird comment today. When heading up to alcal MTB trail i passed a lady 60-70 she commented on how I was missing th middle of my bike abd how i had jus the front and the end. This puzzled me as I thought how the item she was describing would actually look like a Dicycle or segway. I still have yet to undersatnd her logic but maybe its another one of life’s mysteries.