Strange Unicycle Sound...

I got my new KH trials unicycle two days ago, something that I had been waiting for for quite a long time, and when I got it all put together, it was way better than my old uni, but that’s not really the point. During unicycling today, I noticed that if I was idling, on backpedaling of it, I felt this strange bump type feeling, sorta like there was suddenly a small piece of rubber under my pedal that magically appeared and then disappeared. Then, after a bit more riding, I noticed that the feeling only happened when I was unicycling backwards, and only when my left pedal was at its lowest point. There was also a noticable dull click at the same time as the bump feeling.
I tried tightening my pedals, but it still persisted, I tried tightening my hub screws, it still persisted, the only thing I haven’t tried tightening is the screw that attaches the cranks to the hub because I can’t seem to find a big enough allen wrench. Would tightening that help? Could it possibly be my spokes or something?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I don’t know about splined unicycles, but ones with tapered hubs have those exact symptomes when one of the cranks isn’t on tight.

I had something like that happen to me. I think I bent the pedal just slightly trying to do a pedal grab and so only sometimes when I would put a lot of pressure on the pedal (ex. going uphill, or hard in general) it would make a clicking noise and would bump. The problem’s gone away sofar, not sure if this helps or not but…:wink:

My onza made a slight sound when idling. I didn’t worry about it much. When I changed the cranks they weren’t very greasy and now I have nice greasy cranks on it no longer makes a noise. So perhaps your cranks need greasing.

Just a thought.


Check the bearing holders.

Hmm, well, now that you mention it forrestunifreak, I did bang one of my pedals against a cement curb when I lost balance on it, so that’s probably it. Thanks for your input, now I atleast have a good idea that it’s not some huge problem.

Gah, after the edit time, well owell, anyway, a few minutes ago, I unscrewed the pedals and screwed them back on, it completely fixed it. I suppose I should have thought of that earlier, but thank you for the help!