Strange Puncture

I rode my KH29 about a week ago. Just around my backyard practicing on uneven ground. No drops. No crashes. Nothing severe at all. Yesterday I went to ride again and found the tire deflated. I found a puncture in the middle of one of the circular cutouts in the rim. It was through the rim tape and the inner tube. I can’t imagine how such a puncture could happen.

It was a good sized hole so if it happened while I was riding the tire would have deflated quickly. The uni hangs from a hook in my garage when not in use so it’s not exposed to any hazards there.

Any ideas?

A vampire? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like the rim strip failed or slipped out of the way. It would have been quite loud when it happened. Could have been from tire pressure, faulty rim strip, or vampires.

A picture would help us figure this out, but it’s an easy fix. For extra security on your next tube, consider using tape to hold the strip in place and/or use tape in a layer to beef up the rim strip. Also make sure there are no rough/sharp edges on the inside of your rim holes.

That is why I don’t like drilled rims. Too much can happen, catch dirt, etc.


Soooo does this mean they make tubeless rims for uni’s now?

no just non drilled rims



are there any sharp spots on the hook you hang it from? Maybe the hook punctured it. Maybe you either hung it directly on a sharp part of the hook or maybe it bumped something sharp while you were hanging it? Maybe a rock or something got stuck in between the rim tape and the inner tube and resting it on the hook in that one spot finally pushed it into the tube.

I had similar punctures on my bike. It was double wall rim, so from tube perspective it was drilled in places where the spokes were attached. Then at high pressure and heavy load (I was on self supported trip) the tube was pressed into the drilled hole and ripped. It turned out that my rim strip was not strong enough. Several layers of isolating tape used over rim strip helped to get rid of the problem totally.

Fify :wink:

+1, except mine was with the KH29 xc rim. Over time, the rim strip gets pushed into the cutout holes, and ultimately forms holes, which then allow the tube to expand into the hole in the rim strip and fail. This happens faster in heat (mine failed in the back of my truck).
A layer of Gorilla or Duct tape on top of the rim strip will fix you right up.