Strange practical application for a unicycle

What’s the strangest thing you ever used a unicycle for?
Today I arrived with my brother at the apartment building we’re working on, and noticed that there was a broken window in the basement completely covered with ice, and I could hear running water inside. Upon investigation we found out that the house had no heat (apparently the oil tank had become completely empty and the heater could not run). Just as I suspected, the pipes had frozen, and the basement had several inches of water on the floor. In order to shut the water off, we needed to wade over to the far side of the basement, and we had no way to keep our shoes and feet dry. At that point it occurred to me that I had my unicycle in the car and I could easily ride it over to the wall to shut the water off. It worked awesome! The pedals were just high enough to keep my feet completely dry (I put my crocs on and rolled my pants up to my knees just in case).
You just never know when a unicycle will come in handy! Lol

One Christmas I was performing on a giraffe with a friend. We passed a trade aid shop which had a bunch of graffiti on their sign hanging from the roof. We were talking to one of the staff while idling by the sign and she said they couldn’t reach the sign to clean it. We volunteered our services and cleaned the sign while idling on our 6ft giraffes.

I know of someone else who rescued a cat from a tree on their 8ft dm giraffe.

Main form of transport?

Bit more obvious, but when I lived in London as a student it was my main form of transport. You couldn’t take a bicycle on the underground, so any long journey involved uni-ing to the nearest station, tube across London, uni the last bit. Any journey in range of the uni was purely that. I did my weekly shop with the uni in the trolley and returned with a carrier bag (different era) in each hand, and if I went to the launderette, my washing in a rucksack on my back.

In the end, it was just so damn convenient, I began to wonder why everyone wasn’t doing the same…

A bit more mundane but my house sits at the bottom of a long gravel driveway so I’ll regularly use my unicycle to fetch the mail, newspaper, and my favorite activity: pushing the wheeled garbage can down the driveway…weeeeeee!

I’ve seen some pictures of a guy on his giraffe washing the top of a van.

I’ve used the Troxelator to put up two nails on a beam in my garage. I used the brake lever as a hammer holder.:slight_smile:

I do the same things. lol !:slight_smile:

I stand on the frame or seat a lot to use the unicycle as a ladder.

Over the years I’ve used my giraffe to reach or clean things. Can’t remember useful details, though cleaning gutters rings a bell. Must’ve been my 9-footer.

It still works as a commuting tool, if you live close enough to work. I wish I still worked at my old office 8.3 miles away. This was about a 12-13 mile drive by car, but on the uni I could use the bike path. Of course, a bicycle would tend to be faster…

It’s a really good mode of transport for university students. Bikes are faster obviously, but in dense crowds you can’t beat a 20-24" unicycle.

I had enough trouble with “practical” and “unicycle” both being used in the same thread title. But the idea that someone “rescues” a cat from a tree really escapes all reason.

Hey i have had trees jump out and attack me before, sometimes they come out of nowhere! They especially like to hunt at night.

Me too:)

I also know of a man who was paid by his local council to put up christmas lights/ replace bulbs on lights in the streets using his giraffe. He got paid piles as they didnt have to pay for the price of the cherry picker :astonished:

I’ve also used my own giraffe to cut high up branches of leaves and after performing at my schools open night last month (for a “physics” experiment, at least that was the excuse) i made comment that the high up windowsills and door frames were extreamly dusty so i cycled the whole way round the school dusting these, much to the amazement of everybody watching…good times:D

I’ve used the coker to reach high things / change lightbulbs.

I’ve also used the muni as a hammer.

Most importantly though, all my unicycles except for the schlumpf are equipped with pedals which make pretty good beer bottle openers.


Many use the unicycle to signal their alpha-maleness, to get attention, to start conversations, and to pick up women.

Is that a strange practical application?


Maybe I don’t know much about Canada…

:slight_smile: +1

Oh come on, are you telling me that you have never been riding along and when you are least expecting it POW! A tree jumps in-front of you or throws a branch out and cloths lines you? They can be pretty sneaky with their roots too, especially at night.

I have never needed rescuing from a malicious tree but apparently cats are often held helpless in their grasp.

That’s why cats belong in backpacks with seven other cats…?

A comedy night club in Cedar Rapids Iowa asked me if I would change a lightbulb on the dance floor where the stage lived. I made it part of the show that night while riding the Giraffe around. It was an orange par lamp, so I made some crack about being a hamburger from McDonalds as I sunned myself under the new bulb.

You’ve never been attacked properly by a tree until you’ve ridden a giraffe through lower branches (on a sidewalk, for instance) expecting to push through them, only to find out there’s a really thick, strong branch in there that pushes you backward! Then you either get knocked down, or end up hanging in the tree above your fallen unicycle…

Ahh, the joys of giraffes in low performing areas! How often I’ve used the height to have fun with basketball nets in school shows, or dust on high places in other types of venue. Once I inadvertently banged my head on a ceiling sprinkler in a library show. This was a drop ceiling with the sprinklers sticking out. When I hit the one sprinkler it made the whole ceiling wiggle. Great laughs at the performer’s expense!