Strange Old Video

Hey all, decided to pop back in after a long absence to post a link to this weird old video I found on Youtube.

There’s some big UW action, unicycles, and giraffes. There’s also a bunch of recumbents, tall bikes, row bikes, and other strange things.


great UWs–and they had to be at least 36"!!

nice wide hub to attach pedals directly to.

thanks i enjoyed it

Cool video.

Great video!!!

I love the bicycle-sewing-machine contraption…that’s about as high up on the ridiculous scale as you can get.

The video also reinforces the importance of always wearing a suit and tie whilst pedaling. Trials riders take note.

Yes, and where did they get the tires, I wonder? There must have been a source for them at the time. Also notice that the hubs are hollow, like donuts? A cool design. I think I have a picture of some performers riding wheels like those; probably the same people. But there were more than two performers if I remember correctly. I wonder where they were from? Anybody know the language used in the video and/or its title?

The text in the video looks German.

I like the rowing machine bicycle in the end. I could not tell how he steered it though. I wonder what happened to those old bikes. Maybe someone has them in their basement or barn somewhere.

Actually it is Czech. Nevertheless, the subtitles are German.
The title translates to “Brief history of Czech biking”.

And by the way: all signs I could read in background are German as well.

I asked a colleague who is native Czech for some input. I learned that the scenes are collected from throughout Europe. E.g. the ultimate wheels are from Prag, the tall giraffes are filmed in Paris. That movie is a compilation for Czech TV within a series on different aspects of history. It was broadcasted in 2001. The spoken comment is not historic, but was added for the compilation. The speaker is a popular Czech presenter.

That was a sweet video.

I really want a pair of wheel boots!

Very cool! Thanks for posting.


That’s called “Roller Blades” now.

There’s a guy on the forums that posted a couple threads on those 2 wheeled roller boots. He built his own or something and was trying to get a revival of it.