strange nicycle

ihis is a strange unicycl i found on ebay i thaught i might but it because im looking for a new uni but i have never seen this before its amde by mongoose and i did not they made unicycles

heres the link

I wouldn’t buy it. The frame looks unnecessarily heavy, and I’m skeptical about the strength of that wheel. It looks cool though:D

haha you’re a little late. I posted a thread about it about a year ago.

But yeah, I wonder who got the idea first, this one or the coker V2.:smiley:

sorry i did not see that


sorry i spelled thig wrong i was in a hurry

no problem at all. :slight_smile:

wow, the picture actually looks like a photoshop job

I seem to recall that “Ricicles are twice-icles as nicicle.”

I saw one a while back on e-bay us, I quite like them. Will have to see if my LBS can find me one.

I saw one at a group ride a while back. I didn’t realize it, but the tire is fatter than on normal 20 unicycles. However, it still has the cotterless cranks, so not a replacement for the high-dollar munis.

One minor advantage of the frame style is that it gives you a way to lock it up.

The first time I saw one of these, Target had them at the online store. I don’t think they carried them at their brick-n-mortar stores, but had them online.

wouldn’t it be hard to peddal?

I think it was this one…but they clearly came to the idea separately as this frame design has no advantage, but I’m hearing some good things about the V2(stiffness, you can lock it up, etc.)

Rather than dropping $80 bucks on a hunk of junk, rather heavy and not particularly strong, that apparently has a rim incapable of holding a tire and a frame with sharp protruding corners to get caught on…
OK, most of you can finish this sentence.

What about this?