Strange Hub Dishing Issue

I recently just got a Nimbus ISIS Oracle Disk hub and a 29" Kris Holm 2012 frame and I am having a strange dishing issue which some of you may be able to help with.

When I place the wheel in the correct way (Disk side of hub, to disc side of frame) the rim is dished and not centered in the frame. But if I flip the wheel around such that it’s backwards, the rim is centered in the frame. This confuses the hell out of me considering that I am under the impression that the bearing’s relative to the rim should be the same…

Has anyone had this issue?

The frame isn’t straight, not that unusual, just dish the wheel on the correct side and it’ll be fine.

I just finished a wheel, the Nimbus Trike hub, it’s similar to the Oracle, have mine on a Nimbus 24 Muni frame, same issue as yours.

Awesome, thanks for the reply! I never knew frames not being straight was common, you would assume they would have fairly good tolerances… So this should not concern me? Just re-dish and ride? Or should I call in for an exchange?

Is this the new KH frame with the disc brake tab welded to the frame? If the frame is way off, it could cause the caliper to be canted, which woud require shimming with washers.

In terms of replacing the frame, it just depends on how far out of true your frame is …

If it’s a 1/4" or less, then that’s probably about the best you can do.

Also, make sure you installed the bearings caps and torqued them down, sometimes the bearing will look seated, but it’s not.

If it were me, I’d see if I could make it work, then if you cont to have a problem, call the retailer and ask them to send a replacement frame.