Strange day

Today begain like any other it all changed when I decided to go for a ride through the park on my unicycle. Things were going well I was doing a few of the MTN Bike trails and having loads of fun. Then I decided to go to the walking path where they have little excersize stations along the path with some cool props to ride on. Along the way there was a guy walking his dog. Man did this dog (Small Dovermin or whatever they are called) go nuts. He was biting at my tire at first but I didnt want to run over him so I got off. Thats when he bit my leg ( didnt break the skin or anything just left a good quarter size bruise (or arround 2.5 cm round for you international folks) . By this time his owner was trying to pick up his dog and I got bit in the ass. It was all good though I didnt mind all that much he was just a puppy.

Ok so I pratce going up a huge flight of stairs make it only 1/3 the way up and give up and walk the rest of em. So I went to my fav bench to pratice some pedal grabs. Fun fun fun I still havent quite gotten the hang of getting rubber I tend to fall off the other side of the bench every time, but now I can get heigh enough at least :-). Hopefully I wont get hurt falling off the other side of the bench any time soon.

This is when I decide to move over and try a picnic table drop for the first real time. Weee that was alot of fun and so much easier than I thought it would be. Ok so I cheated mounting on top of the table and not jumping up on there with grabs and stuff. In due time I’ll get that too…

Ok so when I was leaving the strangest part of my day happend some random guy I rode by perhaps 20 min before comes up to me and say’s “I have a question for you” I figured it would be something about the Uni. Ohh boy was I wrong he asked me if he could suck my dick, first I thought he was joking. But no he wasnt. This fuckers logic was he just assumed all unicyclists were gay. WTF? ohh well i guess that’s just my strange day dog bite and all.


As one who has spent the better part of a lifetime using such language (and continues to do so in private) AND as a father, I’d like to suggest that this forum is not the place for such topics. I’m no prude and it took me a longer time than some and a shorter time than others to figure out that it’s ok NOT to offend people just for the sake of offending them. However, I think this should be a kid friendly place and if I were the parent of a child with a keen interest in unicycling but saw this sort of discussion, I’d think twice about letting them continue to participate.

Raphael (godless atheist left wing agitator, with some middle class values in tact) Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I would just like to apoligize to all whom may be offended by my lack of vocabulary. But really it’s just words. I understand that some choose not to use such language, and that’s ok with me. But there are other things that are alot worse than some four letter words on the internet that children look at. As far as the gay topic I was just a bit shocked when I got home and kind of outraged at the whole all unicyclists are gay. I have no problems with gay people or homosexuals what ever they shal be called. In fact I will be living with one this fall at college. I usually dont even have a problem being called gay. I got it alot in high school from the popular kids. I simply find when anyone Man or Woman approches you and makes asks a lude qustion based upon a steriotype that I was unaware of previously quite odd. I posted this discussion if anyone else had heard of something similar or if this was a completly random occurance. I have only been unicycling for a few months now so some things I have yet heard of.

I’m aware that kids do look at these threads so I will try to clean up my language. Thank you Raphael for pointing this out to me.


simply mentioning that he ‘propositioned u’ would’ve gotten the message across, without the offence

i cant say i’ve ever come across the preconception that all unicyclists are gay
is this a states thing?

btw. that WAS a weird day!!

As a straight guy tyhat’s been hit on by a gay guy before (odd feeling), I don’t see a problem. You weren’t wearing an ‘I love girls’ shirt or anything (I guess). Gay people have to approach people as well, you should applaud him for his bravery. I’m sure his ‘propositioning’ has gotten him beat up before.

As for shielding your children…from a swear word…on the internet…that if they are over four, they’re already saying anyways…I say give it up.

<highly off-topic>

Odd way of approaching people for the first time, though…

</highly OT>

Phil, just me, off to mumble about unicycles again

‘I’d like to appoligize… and then I’d like to undermind my appology.’ I suggest you work on this technique; regardless of gender, a relationship based on disengenuous sentiment is bound to fail ;).

Back on topic… where you one foot iddling? -riding like that in public is tantimount to an open solicitation for copulation. The featherd boa can’t help, either.


Checkernuts… (what’s in a name?)
If you were riding in the area at the top of Scheneley Park, over past the golf course, at the edge of Squirrel Hill, you, as a denizen of Oakland, should be aware that it’s a popular gay cruising area known locally (to both the gay and straight community) as “The Fruit Loop”. The boundaries are very ambiguous, so, basically, you were in a cruising area which extends pretty much on down to Flagstaff Hill and CMU and the Pitt campus and oh, the rest of Oakland…, and you must have looked playful. You weren’t raped, just propositioned.

As far as preconceptions go, it seems that you are the one assuming the stereotype. The guy was just asking. It’s the only way he could find out, short of you asking him first, or at least winking.

At least he didn’t say “Where’s your other wheel?”, and he didn’t tell you to quit riding in his cruising turf, either.

Try to calm down. You’ve successfully convinced all of us of your devout straightness. Whether any or all other unicyclers are of any particular orientation at all is not up to you to defend. Unless you are a fascist unicycler.

So, in other words: it’s my way, or the bi-way? :wink:


Hmmm… so presumably if I assume all female bicyclists (for example) are straight, the correct way to proposition one is simply to ask her if she’d like to perform that particular act. No need for a few minutes’ conversation, suggesting I buy her a drink, tentatively suggesting we might meet up again some time, inviting her to a nice restaurant, buying her a hideously overpriced carnation before we leave, and perhaps snatching a quick kiss on the doorstep, and thinking perhaps after a few dates we might…

How manners have moved on across the pond in the last 226 years. What do you do with all the time you save? Ride unicycles?

Hey, come on, Mike. Don’t wise them up to what these benign acts are really asking for.

Strange Day

Whatever you say, man. You seem to have special knowledge of feather boas.

For the record, just because I’m a slow, white, heterosexual male doesn’t mean that ALL people who ride unicycles are or aren’t.

It’s also widely believed that people who are blatently insecure about their masculinity are hiding “something” about themselves… from themselves…

doo DEE doodum doo DEE doodum…

Strange day

Just like you colonialists… still counting the years. Tsk! :wink:

… AND being patronizing about manners… “pond” indeed!

Why, I’ll bet you hold your fork upside-down in your left hand, and clutch your knife in your right hand through the entire meal, don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Strange day

> Just like you colonialists… still counting the years. Tsk! :wink:
> … AND being patronizing about manners… “pond” indeed!

Yes, everyone knows it’s really a moat that we dug to keep those foreign
types out :slight_smile:
What did you think those cauldrons of boiling oil are for around our coast?
Okay, up here in Scotland we’ve started using them for cooking Mars bars and
pizzas in, but that’s not their original purpose!

Have fun! - even though is down :frowning:


I dont know if he wanted to find out if I was of similar orientaion to him he could have asked with a less vulgar question. And when I said no he could have just left it at that and not say “it doesnt matter if your straight I dont mind” I have been hit on by guys before but not in that way at all. I dont mind too much as long as they stop when you say no your not interested.

Sendhair, I’m quite impressed by your knoledge of the fruit loop and I am aware of this section of Schenley park. If that was the case I wouldnt be suppriesed at all by a question like that. I was however in a park near my home in MD. This is a family park with base ball fields and picnik area’s.

I think I would have been just as shocked personally if a 40 year old woman came up to me and asked me the same thing.

But how about that dog bite! Has this ever happend to any of you guys while riding?? Dogs hate me when I’m on a uni. (I know there was already a topic about dogs awhile ago, but I dont remember anything about getting bitten in there)

strange day

Hey, I was an Oakland skate-punk before I moved to Japan…

Don’t kid yourself… ever heard of Baltimore?

Yeah! Actually, the thing about your original post that caught my attention was that you weren’t more irate about the dog owner’s control of (NOT!) his Doberman… puppy or whatever, there are leash laws in Maryland, too, right?.

So, what would this hypothetical woman look like… err… uh, you know- hypotheticaly? (If it’s possible, before you even begin to form any images, if it wouldn’t be to much to ask, I’d like to request that she not be British. Not that it maters, this being a purely abstract sort of query. Would it be ok if, say, she were asian- and rode a unicycle? I’m thinking something that says “streat punk”, like perhaps a Monti 20" with Profiles and a pink shag seat cover. Of coarse, it’s your hypothetical woman, so, hey- no pressure)


Huh? Who’re you asking? Why can’t she be British? Like Pashley Spice… she’s about 40 now, right?