Strange cycles (fwd)

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> From: Bryce Grevemeyer <>
> I saw something yesterday that (for me) was new.
> An “Axle bike”. This had a twelve? inch diameter wheel in the back and pair of
> roller skate wheels in the front.
> The seat post came up a little forward of the centerline of the “large” wheel.
> Had a bicycle chain drive. Gave the appearance (at first glance) of someone
> riding a uni.
> It was not home-brew, story I got was that someone tried market them a few
> years back. The flopped, and this guy bought one as they were going under.
> I’m tempted to make to comment on how strange he looked riding that thing, :slight_smile:
> but I will restrain myself.

A guy I used to work with was explaining how one of these would be a good
training aid for learning the unicycle, but I told him that it probably wouldn’t
help. Some time later I tried to ride one, but couldn’t, because it had a
coaster brake. I would have had to have thrown out all of my unicycle training
to ride the thing, which I was unwilling to do.

The things are pretty useless for riding. I would have been real upset if they


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