Strange coincidence

It’s sort of a pointless story, but here goes…

I recently bought a unicycle since it was one of the things that I wanted to get
back into. The last time I really unicycled seriously- well, semi-seriously at
any rate, was while I was still going to school.

I’m still relatively new (well, sorta kinda) to the area I’m living in now. I’ve
already met two people who also unicycle; one of them sits right next to me in
the same cubicle and the other one sits in the adjacent cubicle (there’s
assigned seating where I work)- so there are three of us in a row who unicycle.

It was an amusing observation, but the guy in the other cubicle sitting in the
same row didn’t unicycle, though he did seem a little defensive about it when
we checked to see how far the streak went. “It’s not really that hard,” he
said. “Is it?”


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