Strange (and Short) Trials Ride

Today I went out for what was to be an hour and a half long trials ride, it ended after 10 minutes with a 10 minute walk home afterwards.

I get to this place where theres two rocks, one small and one larger. anyway, they were about 1.75 inches apart, and i tried to jump from the smaller to the bigger. first try, tire slips for a fall. Second try, Just as I was about to leap up my tire doesnt lift. I fell backwards, got up and picked up my seat, but the wheel was stuck! My Dx32 only had 1/8 of an inch on either side, and my 3.0 would not come out. I finally had to let all the air out and still it wasnt easy (Intense tires are very stiff!). I then had no choice but to start walking.

When I got home, I decided to completly overhaul the wheel, complete spoke retention and profile cleaning/lubing. Only took me about 2 hours this time, getting a little better.

At least you didn’t break anything. When I saw the subject for the post I thought for sure you had managed to do some serious damage to your unicycle.

Getting your wheel stuck in a crack is funny. You probably weren’t laughing at the time, but it would be a funny sight.

Yeah, I guess. I think when I trued it, i dished it a little, or I bent my frame offcenter a little more…

usualy people think unicycling looks funny, but watching somebody trying to pull a stuck unicycle from a rock must have been a sight to see!

except nobody goes walking when it’s 25 for some reason, can figure it out.