Straitline pins... who sells them?

Hey there. Basically, Straitline pins rule, and are probably grippiest and most convenient around. I dislike grub screw pins (e.g. on 24 Butterfly), JC pins, and a whole host of others, … Soo, I’m wondering if anyone here knows a shop selling these types of pins:

I want to screw some into my V8s you see, but then again, there’s the chance that my V8s take a different thread size to Straitlines, but meh, for now… I just want to see if anyone knows where to get these types of pins separate anywhere. I know they probably aren’t STRAITLINE official pins, but rather just rebranded pins from elsewhere in the industry and put on cleverly.


I’ve never seen those pins in person… but…

It looks like you could epoxy a nut to a set screw (aka grub screw) and make your own pins quite easily and cheaply.

Shops that carry Straitline components should be able to get them in for you. That’s how I got my replacement pins anyway.

syncros makes pins similiar to that.

does danscomp not have em? i used to get all my replacement pins from ther

This shop should be able to sell you some.